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product elucidation:

Trade name: 3,3’-Diamino-4,4’-dihydroxy diphenyl sulfone

          Bis(3-amino-4-hydroxyphenyl) Sulfone

CAS.NO: 7545-50-8

Molecular formula: C12H12N2O4S     

Molecular weight: 280.30

Molecular Formula:

Properties: Light pink powder, melting point 230~234℃。

Indexes:  Main assay:≥ 98%

Water    : ≤0.1%
Uses: This product is a heteroaromatic monomer. It may be employed to prepare PBO special macromolecule material. It shows excellent mechanical 
properties in conjunction with excellent electric conductivity even under high temperature. It has high thermal stability and outstanding
properties as fiber and film. It has been widely applied in Aerospace and Aeronautics industries, Textile industry, and other industries where
an improved capability of heat resistance is desired.
Packing: in plastic bottle, 250g/bottle 

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