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product elucidation:


Trade name: 2,2-bis(3-amino-4-hydroxyphenyl)-hexafluoropropane、


CAS.NO: 83558-87-6

Molecular formula: C15H12F6N2O2

Molecular weight: 366.26

Molecular Formula:

Properties: white powder, melting point 243~246℃。

Indexes:  Main assay:≥ 99.5%

         Volatile matter:≤ 0.1%

         Chlorine: >9.0%
Uses: This product is a polyimide monomer. Especially it can be used to Prepare special polyimide functional materials, mainly used for the heat
resistance polymer materials, particularly electronic materials, such as computer chip raw material.

Packing: in plastic bottle, 250g/bottle

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