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product elucidation:

Triallyl cyanurate (TAC)

Chemical Name:Triallyl cyanurate


CAS NO: 101-37-1

Molecular Weight:249.27

Molecular Formula:C12H15N3O3

Structural Formula:

product elucidation:

Colorless transparent liquid or white crystal with melting point between 26℃ and 28℃.


Melting point (℃): 26~28


Appearance: Limpid and transparent without impurity (30℃)

Color (APHA): ≤30

Density (30℃): 1.1~1.115

Water content:<0.1%

Viscosity (mpa .3s): 13±5

Inhibitor content (ppm): 100±20

Residual quantity of allyl alcohol (ppm): <5

Main Usage

As a kind of cross-linking reagent of tri-functionality reaction, TAC (triallyl cyanurate) can significantly improve the strength, rigid and thermostability of plastics products, and can make products be used at about 250℃ for a long term.  Therefore, TAC is a new kind of cross-linking reagents for making high-performance unsaturated polyester and resin of acrylic acid series, especially for making glass reinforced plastics that can resist high temperature and tension.  TAC can not only be used in rubber and cable industry as vulcanization accelerator to improve sulphation effects, but also as photosensitizer of cross-linked polyene phytochrome to reduce exposure dose.


In 200 Kg galvanize iron barrel, being coated with PVF inside

Quality guaranty period:   

Six month, and dry, ventilated and cool (<20℃) storehouses are recommended


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