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product elucidation:
Sulfuration agent HVA-2PDM


Chemical Name:N,N’-M-phenylene bismaleimide

CAS NO: 3006-93-7

Molecular Weight:268.23

Molecular Formula: C14H8N2O4

Molecular Formula:


Yellow or brown power; special gravity 1.44; soluble in Tetrahydrofuran and hot acetone; unsoluble in petrol aether, chloroform, benzene and water; melting point: above 195℃



Appearance: yellow or brown powder

percentage lost in heating ≤0.5 %(70 ℃2 hours)

Remaining percentage after burning≤ 0.5 %

melting point≥ 195℃

Average diameter of granules:40μm 



HVA-2 serves as multi-purpose rubber agent. It can not only work as curing agent in the processing of rubber, but also work as assistant curing agent for peroxide system and resistant-carbonization agent and adhesion agent tackifier. It can be applied for general rubber, as well as special rubber and rubber-plastic hybrid system.

It can be applied with sulphur for natural rubber to prevent sulfidation return, improve heat endurance decrease heat production , prevent aging, increase the adhesion strength between rubber and twister and the modulus of colloid sulfide. It can be applied in rubbers such as shoulder colloid of mobile load tires, cushion cord breaker and resolve the difficult problem on shoulder space of skew tires of heavy load mobiles. It can also be used for large specification products of natural rubber and various rubber products.

HVA-2  works as assistant curing agent for special rubbers like neoprene、chloiosulfuric polythene rubber、butyl benzene rubber、nitrile rubber、isovaleric ethelene rubber、butyl rubber、brominating butyl rubber、acrylic ester rubber、silicic rubber and rubber-plastic combined colloid, to significantly improve the properties of connection, the property of heat endurance. It is suitable for the class of high temperature rubbers, and it can significantly decrease permanent compression deformation. It can even decrease the consumption of peroxide, prevent the rubber material from burning in the processing. In addition, it can improve the adhesion strength between rubber material and twister and metals.

HVA-2  is non-sulphur curing agent . It can be applied for cable rubber. It can replace sulphur curing agent such as thiazole、thiuram etc., thus solve the difficult problem that when the copper lead comes into contact with copper electric appliances copper sulfide will be produced and it will pollute environment.

amount of consumption: 0.5-1.0 set when used as resistant-carbonization agent; 2-3 sets when used as curing agent ; 1.5 sets when used to improve the property of compression deformation; 0.5-5.0 sets when used to improve adhesion strength.


Packing: composite bag, net weight: 25kg/bag

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