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product elucidation:


Chemical Name: N,N’-Dicinnamylidene-1,6-hexanediamine

CAS NO: 140-73-8

Molecular Formula:C24H28N2

Molecular Weight:344.49

Structural Formula:

Properties:light yellor or milky white powder,cinnamon fragrance,can dissolve in alcohol and ethyl ether,sg1.09,melting point 76-85℃.dry product has long resting period,not easy to be oxidized.


Uses:For fluoro gum vulcanization agent,good vulca-nized rubber performance.It can avoid vulcaized rubber producing air aperture.The dosage are 2~3parts in carbon black rubber,3~4parts in mineral loading material rubber.Usually(Ⅰ)molding vulcanize 30 mins.at 149℃; (Ⅱ)hot air vulcanize 24h.at 204℃.


Packing:sealed 250g/bottle in plastic bottle

Feature:use advance technology,no water or ethanol in product,high purity,low impurity content.won’t deteriorate for long resting period, so has good vulcanization effect.

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