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product elucidation:

Chemical Name:  Hexamethylene Diamine Carbamate

Name by DuPont Company: Diak #1

CAS NO: 143-06-6

Molecular Formula: C7H16N2O2

Molecular Weigh160.21

Structural Formula:




     White powder; Density 1.15; Melting point 155-160 ; Slight

     solvable in water.



                Purity: above 99.5%

                Water :below 0.2%


This product function as sulfuration Reagent for Fluorin Rubber,Crylic Acid Ester Rubber and Polyamido-methylacid ester Rubber.After applied, it will keep rubber with original fresh color.


  This product is poisonless. It is stable even after a long period exposure and will not react when exposed to the atmosphere.


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